VELA in the studio 2016

„I’m in love with steel – strong, sharp, hard, soft, bendy, dangerous, responsive… Steel vibrates with every movement or sound in its surroundings, and it reacts to the smallest changes in temperature, thus “breathing” and pulsating with the rhythm of life!“

Bulgarian born VELA lives and works in Berlin since 1998, firing up the independent art scene as a sculptor, installation artist, performer and a DJ.
Fascinated by the properties of steel and welding, as well as by the dynamics of interactions between small parts in a bigger picture, VELA plays with structures and shapes, creating sculptures which are addressing social dynamics while referring to the animal world, and are often presented in collaborations with performance and dance artists, as well as in the context of theatre and movies. 
VELA expresses love for steel and the industrial not only in the form of visual art, but also in sound – both own music productions and DJ sets.

Video: Moya Javier

– KAIbook, group exhibition, Berlin
– HofFest group exhibition, Haus Schwarzenberg
UP DOWN UP group exhibition, Haus Schwarzenberg
– Lauschen Statt Rauschen group exhibition, Berlin
– Open Air group exhibition, Haus Schwarzenberg
– „Plug“ (Gallery Weekend) group exhibition, Raketa Studio, Berlin
– ADM Solidarity Festival, group exhibition, Urban Spree, Berlin
– Installation of kinetic sculptural composition BOB & mini BOB, Gonzerath
– Production and public presentation of the privately commissioned kinetic sculpture “BOB” in Werk.Statt.44
– Rumble in The Jungle group exhibition, Berlin
– Werk.Statt.Schau V group exhibition, Berlin
– Beton.Stahl.Taube group exhibition, Berlin 
– Yes, We’re Open! group exhibition, Berlin
– Werk.Statt.Schau III, group exhibition, Berlin
– HofFest group exhibition, Haus Schwarzenberg
– What If… group exhibition, GroundSwell Gallery, Denver, USA
– WestTurm group exhibition, Teufelsberg
– HofFest group exhibition Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin
– Diverse stage sets and performances in KULE, Berlin
– „20 Years KULE“ group exhibition & performance, Berlin
– Artist residency in Kunst Haus KULE, Berlin  
– Stage performances & concerts with “Electric Shepherds”
– Production and installation of „Turning Cow“ sculpture, Cowparade London, Museum of Childhood London, UK
– „Stazi HQ“ photography, part of the permanent exhibition in Urbis Museum,Manchester, UK
– Stage deco and printed material for the Dangerous Drums events
– Diverse performances, group exhibitions and events in Sofia, BG

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