I keep welding small pieces of metal together, building wyrd beasts and creatures…

My artist’s roots are in stage and costume design, performance art, graphic design, sculpture and collage. In 1998 my passion for music took over and I began touring the world as a DJ and theatre music producer (see here).
In 2013 I learned to weld and since then turned more and more to this artform, finding my own visual language…

Some things I did:

2002 – „Stazi HQ“ photography – part of the permanent Urbis exhibition, Manchester, UK
2002 – „Turning Cow“ sculpture – part of the Cowparade London, exhibited in the Museum of Childhood, London, UK
2010 – participation in the „20 Years KULE“ exhibition and performances, Berlin Germany
2010 -2012 – diverse stage sets and performances in KULE, Berlin, Germany
2013 – „A Zoetrope called Zeutrope“ kinetic sculpture – part of the WestTurm exhibition, Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany
2014 – participation in the „What If…“ exhibition in Berlin, Germany and Denver, USA
2014 – participation in the HofFest exhibition Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin, Germany
2014 – Werk.Statt.Schau exhibition in Werk.Statt.44, Berlin, Germany
2015 – participation in the „Yes, We’re Open!“ exhibition in Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany
2015 – „Beton. Stahl. Taube“ exhibition in Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany
2016 – Werk.Statt.Shau exhibition in Werk.Statt.44 Berlin, Germany
2017 – participation in the „Rumble in The Jungle“ exhibition in Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany